Shopify Editions Summer '23 Takeways

A breakdown of the latest updates and features that will improve your store immediately.


Sidekick - AI assistant that will help automate things. Tell it to change your theme colors, create discounts and ask questions about reports, sales etc. All without you having to configure anything. This will tremendously help small businesses with no IT or dedicated web team.

Flex Sections - The ability to customize native Shopify sections with no code required. This gives merchants with no IT or programming experience more custom options with no code required. You still may need an expert for in depth customization but this is only the beginning.


Shopify Subscriptions - Native subscription app. Easily set up and manage simple subscription offerings with the new, free Shopify Subscriptions app. With new customer accounts, your customers will have the flexibility to pause or skip orders, update payment and shipping details, and more. While this is a basic subscription app, this will let third party developers build off a native solution within Shopify.


Shopify Collective - Sell from top Shopify brands who will ship directly to your customers. Connect with brands, add their products to your store in minutes, and earn margin on what you sell. Essentially a drop shipping add-on. If you outsource certain products, connect with other Shopify merchants catalog and offer products under your brand. They ship for you.

B2B Updates - Most of these things were possible before, now it's even easier as they will be native features. Quantity breaks(PLUS), B2B catalogs with permissions, quick order lists for customers that repeat orders, Paypal invoicing and vaulted cards(on-file). 


Marketplace Connect - Connect your Shopify product catalog to the world’s top marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. No matter where you sell, you can streamline managing your marketplace listings, inventory, orders, and fulfillment—directly in Shopify. Easily set marketplace-specific content and pricing overrides, and manage listings in bulk.


Bundles App - Another free, native Shopify app. You can now create and sell bundles with Shopify, one of the best ways to increase your average order value. Like the subscription app, it's a basic app and you may need an expert for in depth options. 


There are plenty more things as well, mostly related to developers and web teams. It's great to see Shopify focusing on native apps and developer access. This is only the beginning. I expect to see more native Shopify apps announced in the next editions update as well as an influx of new/updated apps that take advantage of all the new backend features.


Check out the full list here.
Shopify Editions Summer '23

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